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Music Policy

for Children's Parties

Today’s hit music is very different from what it was 15, 10, or even 5 years ago. Many artists have no problem using vulgar language and explicit sexual conversation in their songs and marketing them to children.

Dj Gully, our head DJ at Gully Entertainment, spends many hours weekly going through today’s current music. Our play lists are constantly being updated with the most current music available. And, while updating our lists, we are constantly making sure that all the music we play is clean and age appropriate.

Gully Entertainment has a clear music policy. Simply stated:

  • All music is played at the discretion of the DJ.​
  • We will play no music that contains vulgarity, sexual content, or content that we consider inappropriate for the event/guests.
  • Radio edits will be played at the discretion of the DJ. Many radio edits blank out words that encourage people to fill them in and are not appropriate for most parties.
  • Guests are encouraged to make requests, but all requested songs will be played at the discretion of the DJ.
  • The DJ WILL NOT play music from CDs provided to him at the party. We will not have had time to go through the music and make sure that it is content appropriate.
  • The person contracting the party with All Star Kids Party DJs must indicate on our Service Agreement that they agree to our Music Policy.

There are NO exceptions!

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