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Wedding Services

photo courtesy of Unique Images

"There are cakes ... and then there are Wedding Cakes. There are dresses ... and then there are Wedding Dresses. There are dj's ... and then there are Wedding Dj's !"

When it comes to YOUR wedding you want to work with a specialist like Dj Gully, you get: Professionalism ... Experience ... Personalized Attention ... Skills ... Musical Expertise ... Reliability ... A Positive, Cooperative Attitude ... and 100% Dedication to Making Your Wedding Reception a Memorable and Fun Occasion, Just Like You've Dreamed It Would Be.

My job is to give you the best of both worlds: MY world being a world of experience in planning and performing at hundreds of different weddings, and YOUR world being your particular tastes and special needs — your vision of how you want your wedding to be.

You are NOT just hiring me to play music for a few hours. I spend time consulting with you, helping you create your reception agenda, and fine-tune all the details, researching and obtaining your special music requests, preparing music for special moments like your Grand Entrance, visiting the site of your reception in advance, and arriving at the event early to set up. Typically, I devote more than a few HOURS to your wedding.

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